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Открытое заседание приёмной комиссии по зачислению на бюджетную дневную форму обучения
состоится 06.08.2020 г в 11:00 в ауд.200 - 1корпус.


Время работы приёмной комиссии
9.00 - 18.00
Воскресенье - выходной



is a structural unit of the University and provides training in the following programs of additional education of adults:

RETRAINING of executives and specialists with higher education;

Education can be obtained in full-time (daytime, evening) and correspondence forms of e-learning in the following specialties (qualifications):

••Accounting and control in industry (accountant-economist)

••Commercial activity in a consumer goods market (economist)

••Technology of fermentation and winemaking (process engineer)

••Technology of chemical fibers (process engineer)

••Technology of bread, pasta, confectionery production and food concentrates (process engineer)

••Technology of storage and processing of milk and dairy products (process engineer)

••Technology of storage and processing of meat and meat products (process engineer)

••Finance (financier)

••Examination of consumer goods (commodity researcher expert)

Trainees that complete studies get a diploma of retraining in higher education of the state type.

Term of training: 6-8 months - full-time form of education, evening form of education - 10-17 months, correspondence form of education and correspondence e-learning- 18 to 22 months.

Training in all specialties starts in March and September.

EXTENSION COURSES are carried out for the executives and specialists in baking, confectionery, macaroni products, meat, dairy, fruit and vegetable processing industries, brewing, distillery, chemical, feed mill industries; production of fruit and grape wines; preschool and school nutrition as well as public catering.

Main fields: current technologies, automation of technological processes and production, enterprise machinery, automated processing of accounting and analytical information, microbiological and physico-chemical methods of analysis, accreditation of laboratories.

Training of the responsible for the state of operability and safe operation of vessels working under pressure, pipelines and piping accessories of ammonia refrigerating installations is carried out and certificates of passing test in the legislation in the field of industrial safety are issued.

Training courses can be organized at the client’s enterprise. Trainees that complete training get a certificate of advancing the qualification of the state type. Term of training: 1 – 2 months.