Институт повышения квалификации и переподготовки кадров

является ведущим институтом системы дополнительного образования взрослых в области переподготовки и повышения квалификации руководящих работников и специалистов пищевой, перерабатывающей и химической промышленности

Professional development

The institute of professional development and retraining of personnel of Establishment of education "The Mogilev State University of the Food" invites heads, deputy heads and chief specialists to take part in work of advanced training courses!

Advanced training courses are carried out on actual for heads and experts to questions. Classes are given by the qualified teachers of "The Mogilev State University of the Food" having wide pedagogical experience, if necessary leading teachers of foreign higher education institutions are attracted. Besides, on courses valuable recommendations of experts professionals of the ministries and departments, and also successfully operating Belarusian and foreign enterprises are made.

Educational process is accompanied by demonstration of exhibition product samples, tastings, delivery of a distributing material.

On professional development persons with the higher or secondary vocational education are enlisted. To the persons who were trained, the certificate on professional development of the state sample is granted.

To the persons who were trained and examination in the field of industrial safety, except the standard certificate the corresponding certificate on legislation examination in the field of industrial safety is issued.

Form of education – day (with a separation from production). Training duration – 1–2 weeks.

The beginning of occupations – in process of formation of groups.

Accommodation conditions – booking of places in hotels of Mogilev.

Contact phones:

The deputy director for Academic Affairs – +375 222 63-92-70 Nelubina Elena
The methodologist –  +375 222 63-92-70 Kоrneeva Olga 

The expert who has arrived to advanced training courses, has to have with himself:

  • the signed copy of the contract;
  • payment order;
  • traveling certificate;
  • passport;
  • the diploma copy about the highest (average special) education;
  • the Gospromnadzor certificate (in the presence) for extension.

Advanced training courses are carried out according to programs:

♦ automation of technological processes and productions of the food (chemical) industry;

♦ the automated processing of registration and analytical information with program 1C use: Enterprise;

♦ accreditation of food laboratories;

♦ formula-feed industry;

♦ confectionery production;

♦ quality control of drinking water and water treatment;

♦ macaroni production;

♦ microbiological methods of the analysis of foodstuff;

♦ equipment of the enterprises of food (chemical) productions;

♦ public catering;

♦ responsible for a working order and safe operation of the vessels working under pressure, pipelines and pipeline fittings of ammoniac refrigeration units;

♦ responsible for supervision of technical condition of the vessels working under pressure, pipelines and pipeline fittings of ammoniac refrigeration units;

♦ milk processing;

♦ processing of meat raw materials;

♦ brewing production;

♦ fruit and vegetable processing;

♦ production of alcohol;

♦ production of chemical fibers;

♦ production of fruit and berry and grape wines;

♦ technology of chemical fibers;

♦ account, taxation and pricing;

♦ physical and chemical methods of the analysis of foodstuff;

♦ baking production;

♦ production food concentrates;

♦ school food;

♦ preschool food.

The organization of advanced training courses for other subjects offered by the organizations, including exit on the basis of the customer, for experts of a technological, mechanical and economic profile of the enterprises of the food and chemical industry, objects of public catering and trade is possible.