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About MGUP

Hello there! We are Mogilev State University of Food Technologies. We are 43 years old.

The University was founded in 1973 as Mogilev Technological Institute. It is a unique higher educational establishment of the Republic of Belarus that trains production engineers, mechanical engineers and economists in food, food processing and chemical industry fields in 13 specialities and 19 specializations. Specialists in Master Degree study course are trained in 10 specialities. There is also Postgraduate study and Institution of doctoral candidacy. The Council for Ph.D. and doctoral thesis defence was set up. Institute of Advancing the Qualification and Retraining Specialists retrains higher education specialists in 9 specialities in the field of economy and technology and conducts short-term extension courses.

Scientific and innovation activities are carried out within the framework of the fundamental scientific directions corresponding to the type of training specialists and priority areas of the Republic of Belarus. Since 2008 the University has been realizing foreign citizens training in full-time and correspondence forms of education.

The University was awarded with an international certificate of quality management system of Belarusian (STB ISO 9001-2009) and German standard (DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008) and was accredited as a scientific organization (certificate number 145 of 27.04.2012).


consists of 280 teachers including 13 Doctors of Sciences and 111 Candidates of Sciences


6 Faculties
19 Departments
Institute of Advancing Qualification and Retraining Specialists
Educational and Methodological Work Department
Scientific Research Unit Department
IT Unit Department
Upbringing Work Department
Editorial and Publishing Center
Personnel Department
Accounting Department
Records management and Registry Office

Mogilev State University of Food Technologies is your choice!

  • Only here you will be able to become highly qualified specialist in food processing and chemical industry;
  • Upon graduation from the University you will be employed at one of the enterprises of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Teaching staff of the University will assure you excellent engineering training;
  • Telecommunications network is available to make your studies successful;
  • When studying at the University you will have possibility to get a second higher education;
  • You will have a chance to participate in international educational and scientific programs with Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, etc.
  • Scientific clubs for students are open for you.
  • You will open up the world of discovering new products and technologies;
  • If you work you can join us in correspondence form of education;
  • You can continue your education taking Master’s and postgraduate courses;
  • Residence Halls are at your disposal; .

You may entertain yourself by joining varied activity groups and clubs, youth festivals and various contests. Sport lovers are welcome to sport clubs!

Welcome to our University!